5 Wearable Pieces of Art to Gift your Sister this Rakhi

Growing up, having a sister may not have always seemed easy; but now we bet, you simply can’t imagine your life without her, can you? From being each other’s secret keepers to speaking in languages and laughter which no one understands, siblings are one of life’s greatest blessings. And with Raksha Bandhan just around the corner, why not make her day a little brighter and show her how much she means to you by gifting her a wearable piece of art? Choose one from our curated listicle based on her taste & personality and you won’t go wrong, we promise!


> Loves to dress up for occasions

Let’s just get this straight. Ladies love to get ready for special events in a grand way. They want their outfits on point and won’t compromise to stand second in the queue of best-dressed party attendees. If your sister always freaks out on what to wear before any occasion, our lightweight Handwoven Pure Matka Jamdani With Gold Butas is surely going to steal her heart with its classy look & rich texture!

Handwoven Pure Matka Jamdani with Gold Butas


> A fun-loving soul who swears by colors

If she’s someone who loves to experiment with a pop of colors & you’ve noticed vibrant shades in her style statement, you can undoubtedly go with our Handwoven Linen Polka Jamdani Saree. If her presence feels like a confetti of rainbows & unicorns, she’s definitely going to fall in love with this gorgeous piece.


Handwoven Linen Polka Jamdani


> A beginner in the game of sarees

Has she recently talked about her newfound love for sarees? Or, have you seen her struggling to get a saree as she is skeptical about whether she’ll be able to carry it off?  You can gift your sister a bundle of joy by getting her one of our signature Cotton Slub sarees called ‘Feeling Blue’. It’s easy to drape, lightweight, and perfect for newbies in the world of six yards of elegance. Her gleaming face with a wide smile after draping this will melt your heart for sure!

 Feeling Blue




> Head over heels with everything fusion

Her fashion therapy is aligned with the philosophy of combining the best of both worlds, traditional & contemporary, and you’re pretty sure about that, look no further! Our Handwoven Pure Mercerized Cotton With Manipuri Pattern Threadwork saree is the one she needs to have in her closet. An extremely comfortable fabric & soothing hue makes for the ultimate fodder to play with different draping styles as well.


Handwoven Pure Mercerised Cotton with Manipuri Pattern Threadwork


> Still confused? GIFT CARD to the rescue

Finally, if you couldn’t picturize your sister in the scene while reading the above possibilities, worry not. We’ve still got your back! We understand you’re unsure of her fashion choices and hence- why not get her our GIFT CARD? She can purchase anything of her choice from our website & bless you with loads of love for this oh-so-clever idea!




This is it. We hope you take your sister by surprise with any of these thoughtful choices. Sarees are evergreen and do make for one of the best gifts. A gift that she’d want to show off for years to come and every time she drapes the beauty, she’ll get a sweet reminder of just how much you adore her. :)


Beautiful creations !

Rajshree October 13, 2020

All sarees are beautiful

Sugi October 13, 2020

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