Make your saree shopping experience more hassle free!
Saree fall and picot serves as a foundation for a good drape, but we totally understand how tedious and unexciting a task it is, especially in today’s busy day and age, to make an effort and visit your local tailor to get fall and picot done on your precious six yards. Wouldn’t it be just awesome to receive sarees that are ready-to-drape? Well, we hear you and we are here to make your saree shopping experience more convenient and hassle-free!
All you need to do is tick off the fall and edging option box, at the end of your saree purchase during checkout and we will get the fall and edging done on the saree for an extra charge of 100/-per saree. This would also require an additional 5-7 days for delivery, depending on the number of sarees in your order. If there are multiple sarees in your order that require fall and picot, please make sure to tick off this option on all the sarees you are about to purchase.
Please note, once fall and picot is done on a saree, we do not honour any exchange or returns.