Shreya is the one, who by a sheer stroke of serendipity kick-started the social media presence of Amrapali, in the form of Facebook and Instagram pages many moons ago; partly out of boredom and mostly out of curiosity. Little did she know that going forward, this inadvertent plan of action, would be a major milestone and the ultimate game-changer in the journey of Amrapali.
The amount of love, appreciation and support that poured in from people all across the world in no time, was reason enough to fuel her passion and motivate Shreya to take this up with all her heart and soul, alongside her already existing career in the Media and Entertainment industry, in a different city!

As challenging as it might be today, she manages to juggle between both cities and give in to both her pursuits with equal diligence and enthusiasm. From handling the social media pages, to donning the hat of a content-writer, from being a part of the photoshoots with her sister Shramona, to churning out sales and business strategies and from building online customer relationships to seeking new ways to expand the product portfolio; Shreya strives to attain the perfect balance between creativity and commerce.
Looks like it was an interesting serendipity, after all. :)