5 Tips On How To Accessorize Your Desi Look

Accessories can make or break an outfit – a phrase we have often heard in the world of fashion. When you are donning a saree, 'jewelry' – out of all accessories -  can transform an entire look when styled right. No matter the occasion, your junk drawer full of shiny things is what's going to add that extra zing to your look!

What we have here are five detailed tricks to ace the brilliance of jewelry while draping a saree with immense aplomb! 

#1 With plain and simple saree 

If you are wearing a simple saree or a monochromatic one, you can risk going all out on the jewelry front. You can dress up by simply teaming it with a chunky neckpiece and big jhumkas. So, even if your saree is plain, your jewelry will amplify the look entirely. That way, you can carry off the minimal ensemble with maximum pizzazz!

Antique Finish German Silver Ghungroo Choker Necklace

#2 With heavy & loud saree

Wearing a heavy & bright-colored saree? This kind of look can be better placed & explained with minimal & elegant jewelry. You want your saree to be the main show. So add jewelry that will help to enhance the look rather than choosing the ones which will stand out on its own. Fashion folks will definitely want to approve of such a combination as a delightful fashion coup!

Dual-toned Floral Embossed Statement Studs

#3 Magic of Statement Jewelry

Even a basic look can be transformed into vogue attire if paired with one statement piece of jewelry. Be it a big chunky necklace or a heavy ring, your look will definitely establish a statement to make everyone around you go awestruck! Keep the makeup minimal and let the jewelry stand out. Trust us the result is truly a masterpiece. 


  German Silver Floral Adjustable Surya Ring

#4 Follow the shade of the saree

Another magic to furnish your styling is to go with the jewelry of the same color as that of the threads or border of the saree. If it is woven with silver thread, you may opt for silver jewelry rather than golden ones. Follow this while sporting different six yards of silhouettes because they all really come together in the most beauteous way!

Pure Silver Tribal Art Embossed Pendant Necklace

#5 Make the drape the master

Today, YouTube & IGTV are flooded with oodles of videos exhibiting different styles to drape a saree. And they have become our go-to stylebook for gaining much-needed drive to break the shackle of draping a saree in the old-school traditional way. It’s time to spice up your take on draping a saree with some uber-cool quirky jewelry. If you are a fanatic of the casual way to drape a saree, a long-threaded necklace is the game-changer for you. Also, if it's a classic fabric like Benarasi for any occasion, a Kada or a long ball necklace adorned with jhumkas or pashas are the most sartorially genius choice of accessories to enlighten the traditional originality.  

 German Silver Solid Chunky Statement Kada

Keeping up with all the knick-knacks in the world of jewelry is a tough cookie to follow. We just put together the evergreen jewelry choices that are harmonious to almost all the moods and occasions. Thank us later!

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Thank you so much for this insane article that you have shared with us, I have been looking for some good tips and these tips are really going to help me in selecting the right jewelry.

Priya Sharma March 08, 2021

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