The Ultimate Guide to All Things Saree For Different Fashion Folks

Saree. The imperishable fashion apparel that we know of, not just in terms of its aureate gloriousness but also in terms of its far-flung versatility. In this article, we are going to emphasize on the latter aspect. It makes for the best sustainable and down-to-earth sartorial fashion choice for every woman. The clothes we wear, are the immediate illustrations of our idiosyncrasies. And sarees, however, manage to fit into almost everyone’s wardrobe. We’re here to coach you on how you can adopt the various kinds of six-yards of gorgeousness that best suits your profession & style preferences!
> The College Goers
College days are phenomenal. It gifts all of us a treasure trove of memories & moments that we adore forever! To make yourself more charming on those selfies and polaroids, add some six yards of glamour to your college outfit haul. Take a break from your regular Jeans & Tees while donning a saree in your classes, canteen breaks, and impromptu movie outings with your gang!Handspun Pure Cotton with Tassels
> The Boss lady
Looking neat & presentable is the crux of the workwear concept. And it does not always have to be greys & blacks. An extremely comfortable and flowy saree is an equally magnetic outfit option for the goal-digger women out there! Emblaze your intellectual potential with a dash of style in a saree and conquer your professional world.
Peanut Butter
> The Newly Weds
Worried about what to pack and what to not? Bride-to-be/Newly-married ladies, worry no more! It’s very crucial for you to choose colossally soft and sublime sarees to sail through the grinding yet exciting sessions of getting introduced to relatives and premiere cooking drills. A piece that exhibits the confluence of traditional heritage and airy comfort is perfect for your fashion situation.
Handwoven pure mercerised cotton jamdani with manipuri pattern threadwork
> The Classics
Saree is that bespoke attire that continues to hit its magical streak with the heritage luxury and sensuousness. Imbue your own brand of elegance and style by draping the classic six yards that never go out of time. These sarees tell a tale of an intimate affair of class with everything regal. Rich with reverence of Indian textile fabrics, vintage details & native techniques, these are go-to drapes for any occasion!
Handwoven pista green pure tussar benarasi
> The Non-Conformists
Sucker for silhouettes abloom with experimental styling that involves boots and belts? We have some wondrous reccos for you! The versatility of sarees, when mingled with shirts and accessories, makes it an exciting option for those who love it in a ‘different’ way. Break the conventional code of wearing a saree and doll up yourself by draping it however you like.
Pure linen jamdani
> The Vintage Souls
In these times of torn jeans & neon hues, saree plays a significant role to feed the souls of maniacs crazy about anything vintage. Groove on the whimsical world of antique patterns and undertone shades to set the retro mood right. Covet a quant piece offering a flair of contemporary kitsch by indulging yourself in your favorite books, music, and thoughts.
Handwoven Pure Muga Benarasi With Antique-Gold Motifs
> The  Globetrotters
Wondering what to wear for your next holiday? Along with the usual joggers & sweatshirts, it’s time to introduce your travel outfit formula to the resplendence of sarees. The airy-breezy weaves will help you look like a dream in your dream destination! Pair ‘em with sneakers or whatever you’re comfortable in while following your wanderlust & popping up your charming elegance wherever you go.
White handwoven pure linen jamdani with woven temple border
> The Beginners
Did you recently develop a love for sarees? Are you worried you might end up looking like a messy bunny? Worry not, we have handpicked a few easy-to-drape yet alluring pieces you need to have in your closet as a newbie. You can carry this attire with utmost perfection and it’s super comfortable. Your brand new look in six yards of grace will surely set a mark to establish fads among your girlfriends!
 Pink Colorblock Cotton With Pompoms
> The Daily Draper
An appropriate lightweight saree can make your everyday look from drab to fab. These pieces are the must-haves for the ones who wear a saree very often and they don’t need any occasion for that. The gossamer fabrics and a whole lot of pastel & paisley are the promising mates to aid you in running for daily errands & chores. Remember, this guide is the textbook example of how simplicity can earn you big numbers!  
Handwoven Pure Linen Jamdani With Zari Border
Rise high above the trends & veer your style towards the classics. Such is the charm of sarees and you can effortlessly rely on its magnificence on every mood and hap you encounter with!


Just today itself I cudnt resist bought 3sarees .m like addicted to it hubby will throw me out of house.watta collection.

I suggest to sell blouse fabrics too as the blouses the model wearing are equt important as sarees

Rishita October 13, 2020

9902471901.i just love with collection…I really buy from u…. congratulations Amrapali..,

Naaz July 27, 2020

You make it sound so simple and do-able – like wearing it with sneakers, making it part of a holiday wardrobe.. I’m forced to take another perspective

Anita July 27, 2020

I travel a lot , atleast used to before the covid curse. Will give saree a try next time …. more so, with Amrapali’s !!

Sayoni June 28, 2020

At the moment, I feel like garbbing n wearing a saree..fantastic write-up

Jayashree June 26, 2020

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