8 Must-Have Sarees For A Timeless Wardrobe

Smashing the existing fashion stereotypes, 'sarees' rule across all seasons undoubtedly! Be it a wedding, a soirée, a corporate affair, a brunch, or perhaps an inner urge to drape a saree on a casual workday, or that feeling of teaming up an Indian tone with a wee bit of western; we have you covered. Our guide to have these eight must have sarees will serve all you want and perhaps more.


> A Quintessential White And Red Saree
Acing the elegance and charm since forever is the classic red-bordered sarees which is very dear to Bengali women as ‘Laal Padh Shada Saree’. However you don't have to be a Bengali to own one! This heritage ensemble fits the bill as a  traditional festive wear as well as a day wear wedding saree, if you are aiming for a classic fuss-free look. As a bonafide fashion devotee, you must get yourself one too.

Handloom Pure Cotton Kalakshetra

> A Classic Black Saree
In an ocean of gaudy glitz, there is something glamorous about 'black' as a color. It's seductive aesthetics ignite a new idea of grace that every woman accepts. Black is far more superior to all other hues that define classiness and a saree in black is a must-have in your closet for its versatile utility. As they say, "you can never go wrong in black."

Linen Jamdani with Silver and Copper Accents

> A lightweight/easy-to-drape saree
Who says you can't wear sarees all day? Embody the right spirit of office drudge or college schedule in a stylish yet comfy saree. Not only does it reflect an offbeat way of life, but also makes you feel empowered in an effortless way. Stock up on breezy linen or cotton sarees and make your everyday look oh-so-unique and yet roam around comfortably from am to pm.

Pure Linen Jamdani

> A Heritage Benarasi
The history and intricacies of the treasured Indian Handloom heritage 'Benarasi', capture the joyous spirit of any celebration. Adorned with spectacular work of craftsmanship, Benarasi sarees are the evergreen sartorial inspiration for Indian women. Choose a gorgeous light-weight Benarasi saree in a rich hue, that’s not only a treat to the eyes but also breaks the monotony of fashion peepers.
Handwoven Pure Muga Benarasi With Antique-Gold Motifs

> A Versatile Silk Saree
Silk stands as the most revered fabric with its fan base ranging from the royal aristocracy to modern fashion enthusiasts. Even ancient Indian literary works explain how beautiful a woman looks in a silk saree. You can rock a silk saree in any season or occasion. Thus, every woman’s trousseau trunk must have one piece of MatkaDupion Chanderi or any other six yards of 'silk' opulence!

Handwoven Pure Matka Jamdani With Gold Butas

> A Timeless Tussar Saree
Different silhouettes and trends might come and go, but a woman will always look feminine and glamorous when decked up in six yards of elegance. The beauty of the six yards of staple gets amplified if its fabric is Tussar, the ultimate food for the soul of saree lovers. The rawness of Tussar represents a distinct timelessness, extreme comfort and sense of assurance in an ever-changing fashion dynamics.
Discharge Block Print On Pure Tussar Silk
> An Iconic All-White Saree
White exudes the right amount of charm and no color quite matches the elegance that it oozes. A white saree always adds a glare of modern whimsy that we cannot help but feel awestruck with. It is a universally popular choice for a special or casual occasion, that you can always rely upon.

Handloom Pure Cotton Tissue Jamdani
> A Mood Uplifter

A vibrant-hued outfit dipped in six yards of tradition with a playful undertone is a great addition to a woman's wardrobe. Mingle some colorful pieces with the assortment of your favorite sarees, to spunk up the spectrum of variations in it. Be it to sport a boho chic look, a brunch, a movie date or just to a friend’s house party, it's the perfect pick for the confident, go-getter women of today.

Handspun Pure Cotton With Tassels
With this comprehensive handbook in your bookmarks, you’re all set to prove that sarees are enough to justify the augustness of every occasion and it’s the ultimate closet MVP!


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